Users are 2.8x more consistent with the game!

Habit Tracker
Unlimited habits & simple stats
Visualize your Habit Grid
Happiness shots w/ Confetti
Track anywhere (phone, tablet, laptop)
Habit Tracker + Game
$6/ month
The habit tracker, plus...
Grow your garden
Achieve daily quests
Loot random rewards
Complete achievements
Play with your friends
Start 7-day free trial
When trial ends, you can still track your habits for free forever!

Got questions? We got answers!

  • It's a habit tracker taken to the next level. It leverages the addictive power of games to help you form good habits that stick while having fun with your friends.

    The habit tracker is and will remain free forever.

    When you sign up, you also get 7 days of free trial for the game 🤗
  • The game features are locked (garden, quests, rewards, etc...) and your account is switched to the Free-Forever Habit Tracker Plan.

    You can keep completing your daily habits with the most satisfying habit tracker out there, at no cost!

    You can unlock the game features anytime by subscribing to the paid plan.

    Your game progress is constantly saved so you can switch plans as you wish!
  • No, but you can add Habits Garden to your home screen and it will behave like a native app.
    You can use the habit tracker on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop!
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