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  • Habits Garden is a game to help you improve real-life habits.

    It gamifies your life by giving you flowers as rewards for your real-life tasks.

    The more you stay accountable, the bigger your Habits Garden!

  • The main features are locked (habits, garden, quests). You can unlock them anytime by subscribing.
  • Yes! Habits Garden is available on iOS & Android phones. You can also sign-up here and download the app later!
  • As many as you like!
  • As long as I'm alive. Joke aside, I'm Kugelblitz Ltd. and work on this app full time. Last update: June 2024
  • Yes! You can choose to create a public profile on Habits Garden. Then you can follow other users/friends to view your habit and activity and stay accountable.
  • Let's make it real! Submit it in the feedback box and there's a chance it will be in your habit tracker soon.
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Jihyeon Won
Read 30 pages 📚Move 🤸‍♀️Journal 💭+4 habits
After failing my resolution 100+ times, I finally became consistent thanks to Habits Garden!
Visualizing my success with the garden motivates me to keep going.
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