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2 people doing rock climbing with the goal of going up.

When setting or choosing goals, remember two acronyms that can help you increase the likelihood of achieving them successfully: SMART and HEART.

Aidas Bendoraitis
Aidas Bendoraitis Sept 23rd, 2022
A woman jumping in the air, looking happy.

You can use habit tracking to develop new productive habits but also to stop the bad ones. I will break down how to track habits to break the bad ones.

Justyna Ilczuk
Justyna Ilczuk August 25th, 2022

Beat procrastination today with our gamified habit tracker

Turn boring habits into a fun game with friends

The foundation of a building

Nearly 80% of people abandon their New Year's resolutions by February. Building foundations for your habit is the way to make it last.

Lars Kumbier
Lars Kumbier July 22nd, 2022
A habit tracker with reading and working out habits

Nearly 80% of people abandon their New Year's resolutions by February. If you're not tracking your habits, you're missing out on a way to be productive.

Marc Lou
Marc Lou July 7th, 2022

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A tired guy holding his face to stay awake

Having difficulty falling asleep at night and feeling tired during the day indicate a disrupted body's inner clock. Here are 4 tips to fix your sleeping disorder.

Marc Lou
Marc Lou June 29th, 2022
A pen and paper habit tracker

It takes 66 days for a new behaviour to be automatic. During these 2 months, it's easy to abandon your new habit.

Marc Lou
Marc Lou June 22nd, 2022

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An old cigarette advertising with a doctor recommending smoking

Your life is worth $10,000 to cigarette makers. Employees brainstorm about how to sell you poison. Once you understand how you're manipulated, quitting is much simpler.

Marc Lou
Marc Lou June 15th, 2022
Google Trend for the keyword Habit Tracker

People often mistake habits for activities. There is a fundamental difference that can undermine your consistency. Find out how to fix it!

Marc Lou
Marc Lou July 13th, 2022
Woman reading a book

Understanding why we delay things that matter requires more than a few “how-to” bullet points. Here are 3 books to go deeper, find the root of procrastination and beat it.

Marc Lou
Marc Lou May 25th, 2022
Wearing glasses to see better

To claim back your concentration, you need to work on tasks with short-term rewards, in the right conditions. Let's dig into the source of distraction to improve your focus!

Marc Lou
Marc Lou May 18th, 2022
woman yarning

1 in 3 adults is sleep-deprived. Here is how to improve your sleep for better mental and physical health.

Marc Lou
Marc Lou April 27th, 2022
Street in Korea

94.5% of the 1.2 billion people learning a foreign language live in their native countries. Here is how to master your language learning journey while having fun.

Marc Lou
Marc Lou May 11st, 2022
Man too lazy to work out

Let's dig into our brains and discover the root of our laziness so we can fix it today.

Marc Lou
Marc Lou April 21rd, 2022
Arrow pointing left made of mini-arrows pointing right

Drastically quitting a bad habit is hard and can sometimes backfire... Let's explore a different approach.

Marc Lou
Marc Lou April 14th, 2022
A wall with 4 punches because of anxiety

Working on your own startup is awesome. But it also comes with drawbacks we must learn to handle to stay sane.

Marc Lou
Marc Lou April 7th, 2022