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It takes 10 seconds with the tutorial below, so you'll never forget your habits!

Habits Garden App on iOS device
Just like a mobile app!
  • 1. Click the share icon in the toolbar at the bottom
    User clicks on the share icon
    2. Choose "Add to Home Screen"
    User adds the webpage to homescreen on iOS
  • 1. Click the 3-dots icon at the top-right
    User adds the webpage to homescreen on Android
    2. Choose "Add to Home screen" or "Install app"
  • In the address bar, where you type website URLs, you can find a computer icon with an arrow down. Click it and choose "Install".
    If you don't see the installation button, you can bookmark the site!
  • Use the Feedback Box at the bottom-right to let us know which platform/browser you're using.

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